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About Me

So yeah about me. Not that exciting. Hate tooting my own horn. Check out my LinkedIn profile if you want to see what I have done and/or do for a living. This page is for one of the FCC exercises. :)

I mainly do FCC and other code projects to stay on top of development technologies and for a change of pace from the daily routine. Also use it to work on MVP-type projects to determine if they are worth pursuing or not.


Most projects I work on are non-viewable as they are client facing. And to be honest I do not really code much anymore. That's left to more talented and gifted coders. I tend to hack things as needed or build out custom micro-sites for my own work needs.


Here be scripts (or queries) that I used for a variety of SQL Express, MySQL, and SQL Server work that I do on a daily basis.


In my role I frequently hack Bash for a variety of things. This repo on GitHub is a compilation of the different scripts that I have written for my work and are now available to anyone to use.

Get a hold of me.

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